The advantages of @mentions and retweets

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To mention someone within one of your tweets, you need to use their twitter handle – for example ours is @rootfiftytwo. If we are mentioned in a tweet, we will receive a notification to let us know.

For example…
In December we tweeted “We’ve been busy working with @PettysEstAgents on their 12 Days of Christmas, starting next wk!”@PettysEstAgents, received an alert to let them know that we mentioned them in a tweet.@PettysEstAgents then ‘retweeted’ our tweet.

A retweet is the sharing of someone else’s post with your own followers. So, if Petty’s have 2,500 followers, each one of those people has a chance of viewing our tweet – working like a domino effect.

Any kind of retweet from your followers not only gives you a promotion, but they are in effect endorsing your company to their own followers and associating themselves with you. As in everyday life, personal recommendations are extremely powerful when deciding on products or services.

The same applies on Twitter; a retweet can be a wide-reaching and important recommendation.

This is a great tool if you work with celebrities as their follower base will be vast.

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