Our 2015 Campaign

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Picking up on 52 being a significant number for us and the fact that there are 52 weeks in each year we decided to use our Facebook and Twitter resources to bring you a whole series of ‘R52 Tips’ – one for each of those weeks.

It may be an insight into our own creative world to help you understand our processes better, or a practical tip on getting the most effective impact from your marketing material. Possibly something more general to help give your business a boost.

Whatever the weekly tip is, you can be sure that, coming from the heart of R52, it will be something to look forward to each week!

And we’ll also be linking the top R52 Tips into our brand new website, going live for the new year, where we will have more on each tip, creating a handy source of practical and useful information, and a great live ‘reference library’.

And now we’ve mentioned it, keep your eyes open for the new R52 website! We’ll be making it work for its living with the usual information on the R52 business and services, a regularly updated showcase for our work and a lively blog with relevant and (hopefully) interesting ramblings.

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