Batch Actions

38 batch actions 730x450 acf cropped

If you have an album of images that you need to resize or edit in the same way, it can be a boring, repetitive and time consuming task. Adobe Photoshop allows you to make the same changes to each photo, using the Actions panel.

1. Open your first image in Photoshop.
2. Go to the Actions panel (Window > Actions if the panel isn’t already showing).
3. Click the arrow at the top right and side and select New Set. This creates a new folder for your Action. Then select New Action from the same menu. Photoshop will give you the option to name the Set and Action too.


4. Photoshop is now ‘recording’ so it’s time to make all the changes you want to do to the batch of images. For example, change to the format to CMYK and then save the image.

5. Once you’ve finished all the actions, press the Stop button on the Actions panel.


6. You can now apply this action to a folder of images. To do this go to File > Automate > Batch. Select which Set and Action you want to use, along with the folder of images. Press OK and the rest will be done for you!


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