Creating a Heart in Adobe Illustrator

This week our tip is design related, so you will need to have a little knowledge of Adobe Illustrator…

Since it’s Valentine’s Day this week, we thought we’d show you how to create a heart in just 5 easy steps!


Step 1: Create a new document

Create a new Illustrator document. Make sure the grid is visible; go to View > Show Grid in the top menu bar. The main options you will need are stroke and colour swatches.



Step 2: Draw 3 points

Using the Pen Tool, draw 3 points as shown below. Note; the stroke is set to 1pt at the moment.



Step 3: Increase the stroke

Now increase the stroke. We used 180pt but this will depend on the size of the object you’ve drawn.



Step 4: Change the stroke and colour

Now select the middle cap option, to make the edges rounded. You may need to play around with the stroke pt again until your object looks like a heart. You can now change the colour of the stroke too.



Step 5: Make into a filled shape

To make the heart into a filled shape rather than just a stroke, you will need to expand it. To do this go to Object > Expand in the top menu bar. Make sure the Fill and Stroke options are ticked and select OK.



You now have your completed heart… Happy Valentine’s Day!


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