Don’t Forget Call to Actions!

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It may sound like a simple statement, but many websites do not use clear call to actions. Every website should have a CTA; a response you want users to complete.

The example above shows a website we designed for We Buy Any Diamonds. Their phone number and email address is clearly displayed in the header which appears on every page. There is also a ‘Value My Diamond’ section within the main image to encourage people to fill out a form and get in touch.




A call to action provides:
• Focus to your site
• A way to measure your sites success
• Direction to your users


A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do. They should include active words such as:
• Call
• Buy
• Register
• Subscribe
• Donate

All of these encourage users to take an action. Visitors to your site want to know how to contact you whether it be by telephone or email, how to purchase or donate without having to trail through your website to find out how. You need to make it easy for a potential customer to engage with you.


A call to action should be:
• Clear
• Eye-catching (maybe using a different colour to the rest of the website)
…and there should be one on every page of your website!

So why not take a look at your website, put yourself in your customers shoes, do you make it easy for them to contact or purchase for you?

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