Don’t Use Images from Google!

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When establishing your brand, images and photography are a big part of this – ensuring your product or service is portrayed in a professional way.
When it comes to looking for images, where is the first place you would look? For most it would be Google.

Although this is a great way to look for inspiration, the images shown on your Google search are not yours to use.

Google (or any other search engine) image results are gathered from different websites and these images are copyrighted either to that company, either because they have commissioned a photographer to take them, or they are their own personal photography. Others may have purchased the licence to use them through stock websites.

By using these images you are breaching the copyright and may even incur fees if you’re found out! Don’t be fooled, it’s very easy to be caught out, for those who know what to look for.

Where the budget is available and specific images are required, commission a professional photographer.

Where there isn’t a huge budget the best choice is this…. R52 and other design agencies use various websites, which contain ‘stock images’ and are yours to use by purchasing credits.

Examples are:

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