eBay Search Tips

Whether you’re buying or selling on eBay, we’ve listed a few of our top tips to give you a helping hand!


1. Learn the Basic Search Operators

OperatorWhat it DoesExample

Quotation marks or double quotes
“ “

Searches for the exact words or phrase within the quotes“iPhone 5S”

Words within brackets separated by commas

( one, two, three)

Act together as an OR operatoriPhone (32gb, 64gb)
Minus sign a NOT operatoriPhone -case -cable -cover


2. Follow Searches

If the item you are looking for is quite rare or not available at the time you can follow a search and get alerts when one becomes available.

follow ebay searches



3. Exploit Spelling Mistakes and Grab a Bargain!

eBay does it’s best to try and work out what you’re looking for if you type something wrong and will also try and find similar items if the title is nearly a perfect match to yours, but there are still people out there getting things wrong.

This is where FatFingers is really useful. Simply type your word or phrase and fatfingers will generate a search (using the operators in tip 1) to try and find missplelings.



4. Find Out How Much Your Item is Worth

Make a search for whatever it is you want to sell and then select ‘Sold Items’ in the left hand refinements section. This will show all sold items within the last month or so, allowing you to gauge how much your item might sell for.


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