Email Marketing, Very Much Alive!


It can be tempting to think that email marketing has had its day when you read some of the many marketing articles in circulation, but we’ve actually been involved with quite a lot of it from our clients over the last year.

In fact, we recently completed one of our own which delivered a fantastic response directly resulting in new orders being received.

The tremendous growth of our website development business through 2013 has led us into the whole area of on-line activities, with significant new work being taken on from clients wanting someone to help them develop their on-line marketing strategies.

Significantly, that particular email campaign was about our website development services, both new and updated, and created a level of interest which also saw an extremely high level of reaction to the mailing.

What we have found, both for ourselves and our clients, is that email marketing can be hugely successful if it carries the right message, in the right format and is undertaken to a planned and measured strategy.

So email marketing has now become a core R52 business activity.

We have set out to help bring your whole on-line marketing strategy into a co-ordinated system where your email marketing is just one more piece in the jigsaw; structured and targeted to its best effect and supported by comprehensive monitoring, telling you who has reacted to your email and how. Giving much more impact and potential for success.

Managing email marketing to a properly structured arrangement and integrating it within a planned on-line marketing strategy makes it an effective medium for communication with your clients.

Providing you with a properly managed email marketing system is what our new service sets out to do for you!

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