Going That Extra Mile


One of the things we always do at R52 is get an understanding of the client and their business so that our work accurately reflects the business and its values.

Occasionally, that means going the extra mile, as Sam discovered when we were approached by Whalley Warm & Dry, the established outdoor wear specialists, to work with them on their new brand and website.

Foot & Insole is a new and specialist brand created for the company’s bespoke insoles manufacturing service which makes individually tailored insoles to aid comfort, assist correct posture and address a range of technically-named medical conditions.

We have worked with this new client to create the Foot & Insole brand as a complementary development of the main brand and are now going to design and produce an e-commerce website for this specialist activity.

Which is where Sam came in. Fortunately for us, not so much for himself, Sam is carrying a sporting injury typical of the conditions helped by the bespoke insoles. So off we went to Whalley where Sam was put through his paces with the insole manufacturing process!

Not only did we come away with a good understanding of our client’s business, but Sam now has his own personal insoles to help him on his (limp-free) way.

So next time you’re looking to rebrand or for a new website, if it’s legal, moral and doesn’t hurt too much, the R52 team will always go that extra mile to make sure they understand your business and exactly how to present your brand to best advantage!

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