How do you get the most value out of your website?

It’s not a trick question. With websites, just like with your staff, you get back as much as you put in.

For many businesses, a website is seen as a one-off expense – something costly and time-consuming that they’d rather do without. Think of your website as an investment into your company, helping promote your services/products and being the first point of contact for many of your new/returning customers.

This is a much more effective approach when considering a new website. Just as you would with a new employee, you would allocate time and budget to allow that new team member to get up to scratch with your industry.


Treat your website as if it’s your Number One Salesperson.


Did the highest-achieving salesperson on your team arrive at your offices polished and ready to hit every target that came their way?

We’re willing to bet your answer to that question is a huge no.

To create a perfect salesperson you need to give them support. You need to enable them to learn about every aspect of your business so they can eat, breathe and sleep your corporate values and aims.

Your ideal salesperson is a shining representation of your company and your brand, and that’s why you shower them with expensive training and time-consuming appraisal sessions.

Why should your website, the first point of contact for most of your new and returning customers, be treated any differently?


Give it Some Training


When you employ a new salesperson, you hand them a starter pack full of important business-wide information. Then, you send them on training to learn all about your company’s brand identity and reasons for existing.

Your website is exactly the same.

If a potential client asked your sales team a question, and they didn’t know the answer, this would look unprofessional and it’d be frustrating for your customers.

Your website is often the first place your potential leads will look for the information they need, so just like with your sales team training, take time to make sure your website answers your potential clients’ questions, and put the right information out there.


Give it a Fair Salary


Do websites have mouths to feed? No, but they’ve got plenty of other things to pay for.

Look at regular maintenance costs as a salary – the money you spend on content, storage, software, hosting, SSL certificates and everything else that comes with being a responsible website owner is essential to the smooth running of your site.

You wouldn’t expect a salesperson to keep working for you if you didn’t pay them for their trouble, would you?


Get it some Business Cards


Websites might not have business cards, or hands to carry them in for that matter, but they can sell themselves if you give them the right tools to do so.

Invest in Digital Marketing, such as Facebook, Google Ads and Email Campaigns. Your website can collect data gathered from your digital marketing campaigns, to narrow down and create that perfect audience to attract your ideal customer to your website. You would expect your sales team to attend the right networking events to attract those perfect customers, but your website needs time to build up that data to be able to know who the perfect customer is and who’s not.


Make it Work on those “Quick Sales”


When customers know exactly what they are after, you cut out the waffle and give them exactly what they want. The difference between your top sales employee, and a newbie is knowing when the ideal customer comes along and gets straight to the sale.

On your website, this means providing clear landing pages to support your digital marketing campaigns, with relevant information front and centre, allowing your clients to make their purchase or enter their details quickly and easily with no fuss or distractions.


Give it Goals


Good managers always set achievable and idealistic goals for their sales teams. It’s how they know they’re on track. Set some goals for your website, and measure them to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Ideas for website goals:

● Number of leads
● Number of document downloads
● Number of clicks
● Number of completed transactions
● Number of abandoned baskets


Send it out Networking


Just like you would send team members out to networking events to shout about everything new in your world, make sure your website is saying the right things to the right people at all the right times.

Talk about current news in your industry on your blog. Tell your clients and leads about all of your latest wins, achievements and related internal news in a regular newsletter. Grab potential customers’ business cards the electronic way – by getting them to sign up to your mailing list.

Monthly or weekly blog posts are a great place to start. If you’re struggling for topics, create case studies to show off your past work and happy customers. The rest will come naturally (or, you could spend a little time researching how to write blog posts that generate leads.)


Give it a Promotion


When your website’s been working hard and bringing in clients, reward it for its hard work. Once your website starts converting visitors into customers, you can reinvest to create more content, marketing campaigns and web design tweaks to get more of the ideal customers onto your site.

Evert great salesperson wants to climb up the ladder, and in doing so, they get more and more skilled in their roles.

Look at where your website’s strengths are and see where it could be performing better. Instead of seeing these as weaknesses, develop your site so it becomes an even better asset to your company.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep pushing those areas that work well too. Even high achievers can achieve more.

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