How Effective Is Your Database?


This may not be the usual topic of conversation for an R52 newsletter, but in the light of what is very much an on-line marketing based edition, it’s worth asking the question – how good is your database? Is it up to date and are you making the most of it?

We recently came across a client who had a well-used website but no idea of where the enquiries from the ‘contact us’ form were actually going. Which meant a significant marketing opportunity was being missed and a lot of potential customers feeling unwanted!
So how effectively are you using your own database?

A well structured website will provide a range of data collection points, from the ‘contact us’ form to newsletter sign-up and download request forms; in fact, any point of interaction can include a data form.

The key is being able to easily access the data collected within the website and the use you make of that data. It can be exported to your main CRM database for further processing, or accessed directly by the email marketing software such as MailChimp for including in your email marketing campaigns.

Above all, your database makes your website an efficient marketing tool, providing an effective user interface, helping to maximise the interaction between your customers and your business – and making your website work for its living!

We talk in the newsletter about why you should consider a new website when you already have one, and present several reasons for consideration. The potential impact on your marketing success of a good website database is such that element this alone can justify commissioning a new website!

And of course, we’ll be happy to help you get it right!

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