How Was It For You?

r52 tips

Back in December last year we promised to bring you R52 Tips, a whole year’s worth of weekly tips to help give your business a boost.

Sure enough, in January we brought you the first R52 Tip which introduced a handy little tool for remembering your online passwords, and true to our word, we have continued to pass on a tip a week through our Facebook and Twitter pages to complete the full series of 52.

Through R52 Tips, we have introduced a whole range of useful ideas, apps and suggestions to help with your business, from the important stuff like brands, social media and modern marketing to the simply useful guidance on understanding hashtags, sourcing images correctly and getting the most from your business cards.
And a whole lot more besides!

Judging by the response we’ve had, the R52 Tips have proved to be a very useful source of reference – as well as a reminder of some often long-forgotten basics.

So we’ve kept every one of them together on the R52 website where you can browse them at leisure here.

And while you’re there, why not take a look around the R52 website; we like to keep things up to date so you may well find something new since your last visit!

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