Keeping Your Marketing Consistent


One thing we’ve noticed since bringing website development into the R52 portfolio is just how uncoordinated some businesses are with their various media.

We’ve seen websites whose branding bears little resemblance to the company’s printed literature; social media sites with no thought at all to company branding; and instances of ‘special offer’ design, for example newspaper adverts produced with ‘free artwork’, which have absolutely no bearing on the client’s brand!
All of which really will confuse the customer!

But getting it right isn’t exactly rocket science and can be achieved with a little thought, guidance and, of course, a touch of that R52 expertise!

To coin a phrase, it’s a battlefield out there! Unless someone is very, very lucky, a business will be faced with any number of competitors all trying to beat it to the customer and unless it really has its act together, it is going to find business life very difficult.

When someone starts a business, they determine just what their business will be – its vision, objectives, values ‘product’ and it’s market. Then they create a brand around which the business will build and under which it will be recognised by their customers.

A brand which carries everything that the business is and which the customer will see as such. A strong brand will be a massive competitive advantage to any business, no matter how large or small.

So it is important that the brand is seen consistently throughout everything the business does, especially through its marketing channels. From stationery and printed literature to website, emails and social media, the brand should always be seen and recognised as a single entity, regardless of where it is presented.

It is the key reason for us taking R52 in the direction we have with the introduction of website development and on-line marketing; to be in a position to provide a fully co-ordinated structure, integrating all aspects of marketing communication for our clients.

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