Not Just a Pretty Face


Take a look at our recently completed website development for Clarkson Textiles ( and you’ll see a neat, user-friendly layout, easy on the eye and with a nice easy navigation. 

Clarkson Textiles had a special requirement for their website, which was to enable their customers to follow their order progress through their system and check its status at any time. The order status data is stored on a computer in the Clarkson warehouse, requiring us to find a way to send the data to the new website and develop a secure system where a customer is able to view only their own order information.

The ‘track my order’ link takes the user to the secure log-in area and the rest is just another seamless part of the website.

It’s something we are very good at; getting behind the image and making a website work effectively for the client. Sorting out those essential or ‘nice to have’ features that help to add real value to a website.

So next time you look at your website and think “What if…”, give us a call; we may just have the answer that will give you the website you really want!

A successful website can be much more than one that simply looks good.

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