Pendleside Hospice Corporate Challenge

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We are very proud to be taking part in this year’s Pendleside Corporate Challenge.

In 2017, the Corporate Challenge raised a mighty £97,016, and this year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pendleside Hospice, local businesses will again come together in a bid to raise even more! As it’s also our tenth year in business, we thought of no better milestone to get involved, and give something back to our community.

The Corporate Challenge involves participating businesses raising as much money as possible from a £50 starter fund, generously donated by Charter Walk in Burnley.

Participants will come up with their own innovations to grow their £50 starter fund into as much money as possible. This also provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our creative talents and entrepreneurial flair!

Previous years have seen all sorts of ideas including, sky diving, bake sales, all you can eat competitions, and much more. We are already full of ideas for what to do with our £50 and can’t wait to get started in June!

That being said, we also welcome all ideas from our community. So, if you have an idea that we could consider, email your suggestions to

Find out more about the Corporate Challenge, and if you wish to take part, get in touch with Pendleside Hospice:

Also keep an eye out on our social media pages, for updates and upcoming fundraising events…

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