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Your Village Life

Graphic Design & Project Management

the quarterly lifestyle magazine of Petty Estate Agents.

What we did

We were approached by Petty with a concept: to produce a magazine to take the business directly to the client, not simply a property paper, but something more meaningful which would put the Petty name on the coffee table.

Your Village Life is the result of that first meeting; a combined property and lifestyle magazine, developed as both a printed magazine for distribution from the Petty offices and an e-zine for online distribution, promoted via the company website and social media outlets.

Our role is the complete management of this quarterly project; design, co-ordination of copy and advertising, printing and on-line distribution. We also undertake the management of the YVL social media activities within our overall project management activities.

This is a comprehensive package for R52, where deadlines and the need for consistently fresh ideas keep us on our toes.

“Root Fifty Two have undertaken the full production of the Petty quarterly magazine, ‘Your Village Life’ since our first edition in 2010, leading the development of the project from initial concept to the acclaimed publication it is today.

Their responsibilities involve project management for each issue, design and printing of the magazine, integration of the copy and the management of advertising activities, from space planning, contact with advertisers and individual advertisement design.

The magazine has grown to be one of our most effective marketing tools, fully self-financing through its advertising and with a high readership for both the printed magazine and its on-line version.

A success which is directly attributable to our partnership with Root Fifty Two and the high quality of the magazine design and the efficient, co-ordinated management they have brought to the project.”

Ian Bythell, Director, Petty Estate Agents

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