Saving Links to One Folder

27 indesign links 730x450 acf cropped

Another tip for designers!

InDesign can be a pain as all your linked files may come from different folders.
If you use InDesign, you’re probably aware of the File > Package command that creates a copy of your InDesign file and all the linked images and fonts used in a new folder. But sometimes this command is overkill if you’re working on a large document.

If you want to get all your links into a joint folder without using the Package option, there is any easy way!

Go to the Links panel and select the linked images that you want to copy. (Use Command > A to select them all). Then, in the Links panel menu, go to the arrow at the top and select Utilities > Copy Link(s) To. Choose a location for the linked files. Then you’re done!



The files will all link from the new folder now 🙂

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