Secure Passwords

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Creating passwords that are safe and easy to remember is becoming harder as we have more and more to memorise. Joining words, numbers and changing them with a simple pattern will ensure that your password is secure.

We are required to be able to come up with passwords that are easy enough to remember but complex enough to be secure, so learn how to create appropriate passwords and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Here are 3 points to ensure that you create a memorable and safe password:

1. Choose a sentence – this could be your favourite song, film or book
We all live in a yellow submarine

2. Create a pattern
For example:
• Change certain letters to numbers
• Make every 3rd letter a capital
• Add a memorable number to the end

3. Double up
Make it twice as strong. Copy and paste your password

A useful tool to help you to remember your passwords is Last Pass. View our tip on this for more information. This saves all your passwords in a vault, meaning you only need to remember the master password!

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