Stay Active with Blogs, News & Social Media


Regularly updating blogs and social media accounts means search engines will rank your website higher, resulting in more traffic, (according to researchfrom Hubspot.

Blogging 3-5 times a month will give you more than twice the traffic of companies that don’t.

Being consistent is important; if your clients know that you post a blog once a week they will come back to look for your latest posts.


An out of date blog can be damaging to your business:

  • It gives a bad impression. Did you start a blog and then not be bother to keep it up to date? Clients may think that you treat them the same.
  • It lowers trust; if your blog posts are not current, are the products and information on there out of date too?
  • Google will not favour you. Google loves new content so you will very quickly lose rankings by not adding anything new.


The same applies to social media, an updated social account will have a positive effect. An out of date or unused social media account may make potential customers think you’re not longer in business. And you can post blog links on your social media account too!

We regularly post on our blog, why not take a look? We’ll keep your informed on marketing trends that we think will help your business! 

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