The Advantages of Email Marketing

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Email is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and let them know what you’re up to, or any new services you may be offering. Therefore it is very important to keep your database up to date with new clients and contacts that you have.

There are numerous ways to capture data:
• Ask your clients and customers for their data. Most will happily pass it on if they are interested in the service or products that you offer
• Add a sign up feature to your website; this could be for a newsletter, offers etc
• Run a competition with entry requiring an email address to be supplied
• Offer a download on your website; this could be a useful document or tool
• Onsite form and survey

Some of the benefits are:
• Low cost
• You own the data; they are your clients and contacts who have opted in
• Emails can be monitored; to see which articles were most popular/clicked on and how many people engaged with the email
• Email is more suitable for those who are less tech savvy
• Almost everyone has an email address
• Most people read through or at least glance at their emails
• Emails can link through to articles or pages on your website, encouraging people to engage and also increasing your website traffic

There are many CRM systems available that will store your data or even a simple spreadsheet will suffice. That is all you need to be able to start marketing your company via email.
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