The ‘REAL COST’ of Bad Design

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Lately I have received rather a lot of badly designed marketing literature, both through the door and by email; so badly presented in fact that I would not contact any of the companies because of the awful first impression they have made. This has prompted me to write this blog on the ‘real cost’ of bad design.

We have had a few clients over the years who have come to us after setting out to ‘have a go’ themselves and now admit that the resulting lack of response was directly down to this failure to make the right first impression.

The hard fact is that many people do not realise the damage they are doing to their business by choosing the cheap option and attempting to ‘do it themselves’.

Think about it. If you need specialist services, you bring in the specialists. You buy a house, you see a solicitor, you get sick, and you see a doctor. These are the professionals in their field. The same goes for graphic design.

In your own business, what would you think of some amateur offering their “services” to your customers? You’d be telling your customers the truth of the situation – that you, as a professional, know your business; that you understand exactly what your customer needs and that your expertise and experience make all the difference between a successful outcome and a potential disaster.

So it is with brand design.

Your brand is you; it’s your business, your reputation, and how your customers see and judge you. It is the most important aspect of your business and sits at the heart of everything you do.

It is far, far more than just a fancy new logo on your business cards!

Can you afford to get this wrong? It is the one area where professional, objective input will make the difference between the success and failure of your business.

The right design will carry your brand through everything you do, it will project your business and values in a way that will attract and give confidence to your customers.

But the implications of bad design are severe. OK, you can save money by doing it yourself or getting your mate to do you a nice logo, but without the depth of understanding of integrating the whole brand ethos into your designs, whether logo, brochures or business cards, you are risking throwing away the key opportunity to reach your customers and instill in them the confidence to open up the relationship and work with you.

The real cost of bad design? Sitting twiddling your thumbs whilst your potential customers walk past without noticing you, or worse, ignoring you because you have made that disastrous first impression.

Is it really worth saving a few pounds and achieving nothing?

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