Time for a Facelift?


We did it a couple of years ago; Google have just done it with headline-hitting results; and we regularly do it for clients… Rebranding.

The Google logo has been tweaked over the years, but this year the logo has had a complete update with a complete new typeface being used. This change reflects a major restructure of the business, necessary to better manage the organisation’s increasingly diverse activities; Google now sits under the brand ‘Alphabet’.

When we rebranded, we had reached our 5th anniversary, were developing new services and opening up new markets; elements which combined to justify creating an updated, fresh brand image to reflect the developing business.

And that, for us, is the most common reason why businesses come to us for a rebrand; to reflect change or growth in their business, keeping their brand up to date and presenting a consistently fresh modern image to their clients.

Through creative use of colour and sympathetic tweaking of logos, a brand image can evolve along with the business, freshening image and impact without affecting established loyalties and reputation. As demonstrated in our recent rebranding work with Boydell & Jacks and their long established Featherwing brand (see that one and others at here).

You don’t have to be a Google to keep your brand image up to date, but you can follow their lead and make sure your brand image evolves with your business and your markets.

Rebranding is a significant part of our business; we have a particular expertise, a wealth of ideas and lots of great experience in helping our clients achieve successful (and painless) brand updates with some interesting projects on the go.

Is your brand image due a facelift? We’ll be happy to discuss the options!


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