8 Years On…

kimberley thompson

2016 marks 8 years since I took the plunge – deciding to go it alone and set up Root Fifty Two with my mac, a handful of freelance clients and 4 years’ commercial experience behind me.

Little did I know, as I gave up my job to start a business offering design for print, that 8 years down the line I would have my own team of fantastic people working for me, providing the full creative package!

I have seen many changes to the sector over this time, and in 2013 it became apparent that my clients were looking for more than the ‘design for print’ service on which I had built the business, and had started asking for advice and help with their websites.

The digital world was beckoning; it was a whole new environment for me, and I had a lot to learn! But taking R52 into this new world has proved to be a great move for the business – creating new skills, opening up new opportunities and putting R52 up there with the best.

R52 has developed alongside the changing needs of the creative world, and whilst this seems to confirm the general decline in print requirement, I do still very much see the need for print from our clients.

Every business that we work with is different, with their own ways of approaching their markets – and as people respond and buy in a mixture of ways, it makes sense to maintain a balance of ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ ways to reach them.

Let’s face it, designing for print or digital media is not really that different; it’s all about creating an effective visual impact whatever medium is used. Where I believe things do make a difference, is how people prefer to receive the message. There’s a lot to be said for the visual, tactile or lasting experience possible from a printed product; equally there are the almost unlimited interactive possibilities of web design, with video and instant user reaction for example.

It’s all about balance; print and digital media can work extremely well together and form a powerful marketing alliance for any business. Which is where R52 now excels. Introducing R52 to the digital world, along with the right people, skills and approach has enabled us to provide a balanced approach through a truly co-ordinated creative service.

And that, I think, is an achievement worth shouting about!

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