A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer – Meet Kayleigh!

Find out more about the members of our team and get a glimpse of the daily goings-on inside our small but mighty creative agency.


Name                                        Kayleigh

Role                                          Graphic Designer

With the R52 team              Almost 3 years


Before Work

As soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll hit the snooze button at least three times (people who can get straight out of bed on the first buzz blow my mind!). I’ll usually get up at around 7am along with my daughter, Belle. I’ll have a couple of cups of coffee whilst she’s eating her breakfast (I can’t function without at least one coffee in me), then it’s usually a bit of a mad rush for us both to get washed and dressed and get the dinners sorted before leaving the house. I drop Belle off at school just after 8.30am before heading to the office for my 9.30am start.



As soon as I get to work, I do the same thing every day – put my lunch in the fridge and get the kettle on! I’ll sit down to read through my emails and respond to my clients, adding any new jobs to my list before planning my day and cracking on!


Job Role

I tend to get involved in big projects that span over a few days, rather than lots of little tasks. At the moment, I’m working chiefly with one of our major clients, although I am still working with a handful of others too.

Although my main role is as a Graphic Designer, I have several administrative responsibilities that fall under more of an Account Manager role. I manage workloads, provide quotes for new jobs that are coming in, set key targets and deadlines and liaise directly with clients, all while ensuring that the development work for my projects is in progress too! I like to work with all aspects of web and print, including brochure design, logo and branding, email marketing, social media, and web design.


The Best Bit

The best thing about my job is being able to be involved from the initial stages right through to completion. Having no dedicated Account Manager in the team means that we each take on a bit of that role with our clients and we can work with new and existing clients right from the beginning. As a designer, this is a great way to work as it means I can gather my own briefs, ask the questions I need to ask and talk through any design requirements directly with the client, which not only makes my job much easier but also ensures that there’s no miscommunication about the clients’ wishes.

The feedback I get is direct, and the overall process runs really smoothly. The transparency and honesty builds great working relationships, and allows each member of the team to develop as a professional. As a result, clients will come back to R52 and ask for me specifically, which is a lovely feeling, and it’s great to be recognised in that way. There is also a lot of creative freedom allowed by most clients, which is a definite bonus and is always fun!


The Not So Great Bit – Tackling a Creative Block

With working in the creative industry and having to use your creativity for so long on a daily basis, I think it’s only natural to experience a bit of a block every now and again. Whenever this happens, I make the effort to take myself out of the office. It’s important to give yourself that headspace when you need it. Take at least 15 minutes of your break outside, whether it’s raining, blowing a gale, snowing a blizzard or hail-stoning so hard it hurts – sometimes a big gust of wind is just what’s needed to blow those cobwebs away and get you thinking straight! I think it’s really important to get away from the screen, particularly when you’re experiencing a creative block. Go and chill out, turn your mind to something else, nip to the shop, phone a friend, or skip around the car park. You’ll feel better!


Treats for Me!

Having recently moved home, a lot of my time is going into the house. We’re titivating and decorating and making it our own, which I really enjoy. Weekdays are always so busy, so I like to spend time on the weekends with my fiancé and my daughter – shopping, going out for dinner, visiting the park and taking our mad Boxer, Mia, on walks. I really enjoy watching and reading psychological thrillers and I’m also a keen crafter and baker. Busy, busy, busy!


Brands I Love

I’ve always been a big lover of the Christmas ads that come out every year, particularly the ones for John Lewis and M&S, and the big competition between the two (then again, no one can beat the classic Christmas Coca-Cola ad in my eyes!).

I wouldn’t say there was one particular brand that I love, I just love good advertising campaigns in general really. Any advert that gets people talking, in admiration or in scandal, is a great bit of marketing in my opinion. One of my favourite examples was KFC’s clever response to their chicken shortage, with the “FCK” bucket and the Colonel’s limited ‘Following’ list of five “Spices” and six “Herbs” on Twitter. More recently, Cadbury supported Age UK and removed the wording from their classic Dairy Milk bar in order to raise awareness of loneliness amongst the elderly (their slogan: ‘Donate Your Words’). I thought this was a really bold move and the story and reasoning behind it was so well thought out – hats off to their marketing team! It was an impressive campaign and a unique concept, made even more impressive by the fact that Cadbury are confident enough in their branding to drop their logo and know that they’ll still be recognised – the distinctive purple is simply enough.


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