A Great Day Out


July 2nd saw us out and about with our second Barrowford Lifestyle Festival, a project which involves weeks of hard work for the R52 Team but which once more proved to be a very rewarding and worthwhile effort.

Once again, R52 was part of the organising team for the Festival, with the responsibility for planning, developing and bringing together of all of the marketing for the Festival – and that included everything from designing and producing the promotional materials to bringing in sponsors and working with the others to make sure the event was a real success for everyone involved.

And of course, the Festival website was part of our brief; barrowfordfestival.co.uk  so take a look!

The folk of Barrowford and beyond turned out in force again to support the Festival, and in spite of less than ideal weather, visitor numbers exceeded 7,000 for the day of fun, food and live music. A great turnout which has ensured the Festival will once again bring real benefit to the Barrowford Community.

This year’s Festival had four main sponsors with Farmhouse Biscuits, Birchall Foods, Howard Rigg and Farnworth Rose, and was hosted by ITV’s Paul Crone who certainly kept everything running smoothly!

Getting involved in the Festival takes us out of the office and puts the R52 brand right at the heart of our local community, demonstrating that business is about ‘give’ as well as ‘take’.

We’ve had our break and are now drawing up the plans for the 2017 Festival. Why not involve your business in the event? Not only is it a rewarding investment, but it really does make a positive difference for your brand image.
And it’s one fantastic day out!

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