Are You Being Served…?

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I could have screamed. All I wanted was to pay for my purchases in one of Liverpool’s major stores. Simple? Oh no! It took the clueless one a full twenty minutes to process the sale, in between chatting up his female colleague, forgetting to scan items and generally ignoring the basic reason why he was there behind the till.

‘Would madam like the hangers’? Don’t tempt me!!
Yes, I complained to the manager. Yes, the incident did cast a cloud on an an otherwise great weekend in Liverpool with the other half – who actually came out with the statement of the weekend “You do expect everyone to meet your own customer service standards, don’t you?”

Yes I do! But whilst I do go the extra mile to make sure I give my clients the best possible service, I don’t think that should be something optional. Surely, excellent customer service should be at the very heart of every organisation? All the time?

My recent posts have looked at the brand and the customer relationship and how these factors are both essential to the success of a business. Service and relationship are pretty obvious partners, but the impact of customer service on the brand itself should be made just as clear to everyone working for a business.

How staff look, dress, speak and even move will have an effect on the customer’s perception of the business. Look at your own people. Do they represent your business in its best light? Do they look the part? Do they know the business and their own role? Do they serve your customers in the way you expect to be served by other businesses?

If you haven’t reviewed your own people recently, perhaps now is the time to take a look at how they are treating your customers. Or risk someone writing a blog about poor customer service…and naming the perpertrator!

One day, I’ll tell you about the thoughtless restaurant service of the same weekend…!

But in the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been following my postings throughout the last year. I hope they have given a little food for thought, possibly helped you in some little way, or even entertained.

There’ll be more in the New Year, but meantime, Seasons Greetings from us all at R52. Have a great Christmas!

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