Are Your Customers Being Unfaithful To Your Brand?

3 red flags of a bad brand identity

You know what it’s like; you go into the shop for your usual shampoo but you don’t see it, so you try the one that takes your eye instead. Yours is actually there, and shouting out ‘I’m here, look!’ but it simply can’t make you hear above the noise created by the in-your-face new kids on the block.

OK, shampoo doesn’t talk, but you know what I mean!

So what’s happened? Why did you miss something you really did expect to see there? What made you cheat on your old favourite?

The hard truth is that your favourite no longer stands out on the shelf; in fact it no longer excites you. As far as you are concerned, it is and it does the same as it always has, but that’s just it – it’s looking tired against the new kids whose bright, modern images and exciting packaging styles have started to appeal more to your curiosity and your own changing needs.

Now replace the shampoos with your own brand and competition. Be honest – when did you last look at how your own brand stood out against those of your competitors?

When did you last update your own brand image to meet the changing demands of your markets? Or to reflect the progress and developments within your own business?

I’ve included a link to an account of how Procter & Gamble re-invented the Herbal Essences shampoo brand (appropriately!!) which, although not new, is a great example of what can be achieved through a thourough and objective brand review. (Click Here for the article)

I particularly love the comment in there that “with every single evolutionary or revolutionary innovation process, it never stops. You’re always looking at the next step forward”. And so it should be with your brand image, which must evolve along with your business and keep your market interested and excited.

In P&G’s case, their options for the brand were quite clear-cut and went much deeper than simply updating the image presented to the customer – “abandon it, divest it, or frankly, reinvent and resuscitate it”.

They took action to “make Herbal essences more relaxed and quirky, all in the language of young women”, so addressing the key issues of what their customer really wanted and returning the brand to the front of the shelf and a new success.

And this is the point. Every business needs to stay on top of its market, understanding what its customers really want, knowing its competition and adapting and evolving itself to meet the challenges which these bring.

Most importantly, as the business owner, you must be able demonstrate to your customers that your business actually is ahead of the game so they don’t need to be distracted by the bright lights and promises of the new kids on your block.

What better way to do this than by presenting an ever-fresh face to your market? By updating your brand image to always reflect your business in its full evolutionary glory? By never, ever letting your brand fall off the back of the shelf?

P.S. Look out for our own R52 re-brand, coming soon!

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