Building relationships from the beginning…

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So you’ve made the big step to set up a business… What now? How do you gain interest in your product or service? Who are your customers and how will you generate sales?

I’d like to share my experiences on how Root Fifty Two has grown over the past 10 years. Root Fifty Two started out in 2008, with just two freelance clients, and now has 4 employees and works together with over 100 clients.

I made the decision to give up my job at a design agency and kick-start Root Fifty Two, but little did I know that within a few months, the UK would be hit with the recession. However, looking back, it was probably the best time to set up, as it made me more determined not to fail and work exceptionally hard to connect with people and get my name out there.

After a tough start cold-calling companies and walking through the doors of businesses with many knock-backs, I made the decision to join a breakfast networking group, which I still believe to be one of the best forms of marketing I ever did.

Week in week out I stood up and presented my ’60-seconds’, met with other like-minded people (some of whom are still clients today) and eventually work started to come in. This came from people within the networking group and also from their contacts through referrals.

In my previous work places I was always behind the screen, I never met with clients nor developed relationships, but that’s what I always wanted. I enjoyed meeting new people, getting out and about and learning more about different businesses, products and services.

In the early stages of Root Fifty Two, I found that by building relationships, taking the time to get to know my clients and understanding their business was the key to success.

‘You and Us’, although a simple phrase, means so much to me and my business. I love to build relationships and get to know our clients.

We believe in our clients and they believe in us. We listen, suggest, challenge and support; building trust and satisfaction. We achieve results for our clients while giving them the level of control that they need.

10 years on, we know that one of the reasons that our clients continue to use us is because of the time and effort we make to get to know our clients and their business. We always go the extra mile; bringing added value to our services, which results in long-standing working relationships and customer retention.

And lastly… If we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

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