Choosing Brand Colours

One of the key elements of developing a new logo or brand is selecting colours. By choosing colours for your brand identity, you will take on those associations. They will evoke certain emotions and feelings towards your brand so it is vital to choose a colour that will represent your identity effectively.


There are several things to consider when deciding on your brand colours:

1. Know Your Audience
A football-loving teenager will react differently to a 40 year old mother of 2. A pastel pink logo may appeal to the mum, but wouldn’t grab the attention of the teenager.

2. Research Your Competition
Look at the logos, websites and colour schemes of your competitors. Whether you want to fit in within the traditional guard of your industry, or you want to stand out from the competition with your colour scheme, researching your competitors is a great way of getting a feel for what you want to do.

3. Link Colour and Personality
Think about how colours can convey a mood and personality. If you’re going for friendly and energetic, use warm colours such as yellow and orange. If you want to portray organic or ethical, use green. Remember you’re not limited to one colour – but don’t go crazy! We’d recommend sticking to 3 colours maximum.


Adobe Kuler is a great website to help you pick complementary colours and even provides the references for them for you to pass onto an agency like us!


This graphic shows themes commonly associated with particular colours:



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