Did you know Lake Windermere is 10.5 miles long?

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Would YOU swim the full length of it?

A quick office poll decided that we wouldn’t even attempt to run that distance let alone swim it, and we’re pretty active here!

Yet swim it is exactly what a band of intrepid folk will be doing, as we found out when we were asked recently by friend, James Young, to dig into ‘the corporate pocket’ and sponsor his bid to swim the full 10.5 mile length of the Lake in September on behalf of the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT).

The daunting scale of the swim is seen when you realise that it will take between 5 and 9 hours in cold waters between 14 and 17 °C. In fact, more people have actually climbed Everest than completed this one!

Whilst the charity was a new one to us, it didn’t take us long to agree to his request and help towards raising his target for an organisation which provides fantastic support for kids with Retinoblastoma, a not very common, but very aggressive form of cancer that affects eyes, particularly the eyes of small children, with around 50 kids affected every year.

So, we’ll be there at least in spirit on the 21st September to cheer James along in his quest and looking forward to parting with our cash!
If you want to take a look at the work the charity does, their website is www.chect.org.uk and if you then wish to help James reach his target, you can do that online at http://www.love2donate.co.uk/latest/windermere/

This is one cause which we are very happy to support!

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