Don’t Use Attachments in Promotional Emails

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So you have a message or promotion to send out to your database, how would you go about it?

Many people make the mistake of sending a leaflet as an attachment; this is a marketing no-no. Attachments can be blocked by spam filters or can cause suspicion as recipients may be wary of opening files from unknown/untrusted sources. I

t also means the recipient has to take an extra step by opening/downloading your file to see what you’re promoting, meaning it’s harder to get your message across. Also you cannot send an email to thousands of email addresses; it would be crazy of you to do so, and very time consuming!
The best way to send a promotion via email is to do it via a system that is

specifically designed for sending out to a large number of recipients.  There are a lot of systems out there; Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Swift Page, and many more. These systems provide you with templates to use in which you can insert images and copy – all linking back to your website for more information. Finally you can upload your database and off you go!

Best of all everything you send can be measured; your open rate, demographics and click throughs, which will really help you in future marketing.
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