Elevator Speech

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You’ve just stepped into a lift with a potential client who asks what your business does. How good is your response? Unless you’re prepared, by the time you gather your thoughts, the lift doors open and your potential client is out of sight. Your moment has gone!

An elevator speech or pitch is a simple, clear, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what your company does. A good elevator speech should last no longer than a short elevator ride of no more than 60 seconds – which is where the name comes from – but it could just as easily be a networking meeting, a phone call, or any other occasion where you only have a moment to make an impression.

The statement needs to clearly identify what you do and the key benefits associated with your activities and it should include your unique selling point – what sets you apart from your competition.

Questions your elevator speech should answer:

What is your product or service?
Briefly describe your business.

Who is your market?
Who you are selling the product or service to? Are there any specific industries?

Who is behind the company?
Explain a little about you and your team’s background and achievements. People like to know the story of the company.

What’s your USP?
What makes you different from your competitors?

Things your elevator speech should contain:
A Hook
Leave them wanting to hear more.

People will expect energy and enthusiasm.

A Question
Engage by asking a question to involve them in the conversation.

It’s worth spending time on developing your elevator statement; get a bit of objective input and try it out; if you get this right, you will never lose the moment again, in the lift or anywhere else!

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And don’t forget – practice makes perfect! Practice your elevator speech to make sure you’re natural and relaxed, you don’t want it to sound pre-recorded. You may also want to tailor your speech to different audiences; so it might be good to have a few variations.

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