Files You Should Request From Your Logo Designer

When you’ve had a logo designed for your business, it’s worth asking the designer for the logo in certain formats, which can then be used for all future marketing materials. The format required varies depending on whether it’s being used for web or print, so it’s worth having them all.


Below are the formats you should request:

EPS – For high res print, business cards, adverts etc. If the logo has been created in Adobe Illustrator a vector file will be available. This will mean the logo can be enlarged to any size. If you have one file format, make sure this is the one!

JPEG – For websites and email marketing.

PNG – When the logo requires a transparent background.

Black/White/Reversed Out – You will probably have another version of your logo which will be shown on black or has reversed out colours. It is worth getting this in all of the above file types.


Making sure you have all these different file formats will reduce headaches in the future!

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