Forging New Relationships in Lockdown…

The team here at Root Fifty Two have been working incredibly hard during this period of lockdown. Since we all set up our home offices back in March, adapted our ways of working, and started living life according to the new norm, we’ve been excited to see our team expand and a number of new clients welcomed on board.


R52 + Proove = <3

Proove is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience by cooking the best pizza in town. With a couple of restaurants dotted about the North, the team at Proove are on a quest to convert pizza lovers to the Proove way, investing in authentic Neapolitan ingredients and cooking methods to produce the tastiest slices around.

Taking the first step on their quest of regional pizza dominance, Proove found us following a recommendation made by one of our suppliers and approached us with dreams of building a fresh new website and expanding their social media following. After entering a bid war with another agency, the R52 team came out on top and got to work straight away, brainstorming ideas for the new site and developing social schedules to ensure Proove pizzas were achieving maximum exposure across all platforms, whilst also ensuring Proove customers could stay up to date with the latest lockdown developments.

As the hospitality industry is in the process of getting back on its feet following the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve been providing additional marketing support to the Proove team in the form of social media management and making updates to their existing website; driving traffic to their online bookings system via a social ad campaign and offering our copywriting services to provide safety information and announcements on their processes to customers via emails and blog posts.


Here’s the R52 team line-up for the Proove project!

“Having just started at R52, it was great to be given the opportunity to take the creative lead with a brand-new client and, being a bit of a pizza connoisseur myself, welcoming Proove on board felt like a match made in heaven! The quality of Proove’s product and service was already well established, they just needed some help with finding their voice and style. Plans to achieve our short-term goals were quickly put into action, and now, with the full trust and support from Proove, it’s time to concentrate on their longer-term targets.”

“When Proove first began working with us, the copy used across their website and the copy used in their social media marketing didn’t quite marry up. Whilst they had an overall idea of how they wanted their brand to be portrayed, there were some discrepancies in tone, with content often shifting from formal to informal, and landing at several stages in between. In a number of introductory marketing meetings between our little team and the Proove team, we worked together to brainstorm some ideas and settled on a tone of voice and new approach to their written content that would provide a more cohesive and accurate representation of their brand.”

“When you have a client with such a strong product, and core company values that you share and can really get on board with, ideas for how to promote the brand and what they do begin to come quite naturally. Proove opted for our social media marketing support service as they were looking to create some consistency in the content being published across their social media platforms, with aims to increase their following and boost their reach. We’ve worked closely with the Proove team over the past few weeks to devise a new marketing strategy, and although it’s only recently been implemented, we’re already seeing some great results!”

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