How Do I Get My Website to Show on Page 1?

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Have you recently launched a new website? Do you find yourself constantly checking to see where it appears in Google rankings?
One word… Patience.


There is no magic formula for ranking a website in Google, nor can we or anyone tell you how long it will take you to reach the first page, but there are some factors that play an important role in achieving this. Here are just a  few of them:


Age of the Domain
A domain that is old is trusted more and is likely to rank higher in Google, it does not mean you will not achieve good rankings with a new domain but it is likely to take more time.


Clean Domain
A domain that has not been penalised by Google will have better rankings. Your domain could have been penalised for various reasons; use of repetitive keywords also known as keyword stuffing, acquiring an excessive number of links back to your website, sending out of spam emails and using spammy content are all factors.


Keyword Competition
Be selective with the keywords that you choose. There will be a lot of competition for the most popular keywords, so unless you have a strong and trusted website you will not achieve much. Higher rankings for low target keywords will build traffic and make your website stronger.


Type of Content (News Item, Article, Image etc.)
The type of content you include on your website is another factor which affects the time to rank in Google. Breaking news stories will rank faster than stories that are not considered news. This also relates to images so a photograph of the new born British Princess will get to the top faster.


Selection of Titles
Be selective with the titles that you choose for pages, posts and news articles. By using an optimised title you are more likely to rank than if not. For example, How Do I Get My Website to Show on Page 1?


Content Length
In simple terms longer articles will rank higher than shorter articles so keep writing but keep it relevant! 🙂


Original Content
Create your own content, do not copy others! Your website will not rank by copying another website’s content.


Social Media
Whilst you are waiting for Google to do its thing why not set up social media pages to gain more visibility and drive people to your website?


Like everything online you have to be patient if you want to succeed. Search engines are very complex, they have lots of websites to manage and its up to you to convince them that you deserve a good position. If you have just set up a new website it can take 3-4 month until you see your first natural visits through Google. After around 6-7 months you will start to see more traffic from different search engines.

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