How to Get Your Products Listed on Google Shopping for Free

Once upon a time, the only way to get your products featured on the Google Shopping platform was through paid advertising.

As of April 2020, Google is now allowing all business owners, even those who do not currently invest in PPC advertising, to have their products featured on the platform free of charge.

Whilst there may still be fees involved for companies who want their products featured in the top spots (as promoted listings), this move has now made it possible for business owners who sell their products online to promote their products, increase visibility, drive traffic to their site and increase sales without necessarily having to spend money on advertising.

Free product listings haven’t been part of Google’s plan since 2012, however the company reintroduced this feature on 27th April in the USA, partly in response to the coronavirus pandemic as so many businesses have been forced to move their operations online in order to stay open; and it’s set to be rolled out worldwide over the coming months.

As an integrated part of the company’s search engine, Google Shopping has been used by online shoppers for almost two decades now, during which time it has grown to become a strong competitor in the e-commerce market, standing out against standard e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay.

This is really great news for anyone who sells their products online, whether they’ve been doing it for a while or they’ve had to move online in response to shop closures amidst the pandemic, and it’s definitely something we’re urging business owners to take advantage of. Having your products listed on Google Shopping can really help to increase visibility and boost sales, as not only will users be able to compare your prices with competitors straight away, but they’ll also be able to click through to your site and make a purchase in a matter of seconds.

The team at Root Fifty Two are on hand to help with submitting products to the Google Merchant Centre; we also have the necessary tools and expertise to take the job of your hands and help you to take advantage and get the most out of this latest offer. Get in touch today by calling the team on 01282 685430 to get started!


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