Improve Your Facebook Page – The Basics

5 facebook 730x450 acf cropped

Social Media is an important part of digital marketing to every business, and as we do, many of you will have a Facebook page for your company.

Here are just a few tips to improve your page:

1. Add a clear cover photo. Use an image that is at least 851 x 315 pixels. In a landscape format. Some pages use a basic image and others will use a graphic with a call to action or contact details.

2. Use a relevant profile photo. The best format for these are square. So if you’re logo isn’t square, fit it into that space to suit.

3. Make sure your About section is complete. This is where people will look for more information about your business and any contact details. So it’s essential that this part of your page is completed correctly. Each ‘About’ section looks slightly different, depending on what category you choose for your page. If you are a shop or restaurant, make sure you list your correct opening times.

To edit your About section, go to the ‘About’ tab under your cover photo and then to the ‘Page Info’ Section on the left hand side; as shown below:


4. Give your page a Facebook Web Address. This can be done when you have just 25 likes. The option to change this can be found in the ‘About’ section as shown below. Having a specific web address makes it easier to direct people to your page.


If you’d like any help with your profile and cover images, or even setting up your Facebook page, please get in touch!

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