Keep It Mobile-Friendly

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One particularly strong area of work we’re seeing at the moment involves redesigning and updating of websites, and in a large percentage of these jobs the original sites have not been optimised to work properly with mobile devices.

When you consider how many people use mobile phones and tablets for their online activities, a website that doesn’t work properly is not going to be a very popular one.
Google’s new rules for websites have also put additional pressure on website design by penalising your mobile-unfriendly website whilst actively favouring the responsive ones, pushing you down in the rankings and reducing traffic to your site.

You can easily spot the website which is not optimised for mobile devices; it’s the one which doesn’t fit neatly into your screen; which needs pushing around to find what’s on the page; which simply doesn’t work properly.

It’s the one you give up on pretty quickly and move on to the next.

Perhaps it’s your website and it’s your customer who’s searching for something? If you have a responsive website which adjusts itself to work correctly on whatever device is being used, you can (almost) sit back and relax.

If not, then that’s your customer who is giving up trying to find what they want – and moving on to your competitor in frustration. Possibly never to return!

So which type of website do you have? The responsive one which delivers a happy customer experience, or the other one which delivers your customer into the arms of your competitors and puts you on the wrong side of Google?

Maybe it’s time to take a look at your website to see if it is working as efficiently as it could be – whatever medium your customers are using. If you’re not sure, just give us a call and we’ll be pleased to help!

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