Keep it Social


Remember the Petty’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign we ran on social media last December? A highly effective campaign, designed and managed by ourselves, which achieved a fantastic interactive response, gained a host of new followers for our client and really proved the power of social media when used in the right application.

In fact, it was such a success, we introduced social media campaign development into our standard services portfolio. Which means we can help you determine the best strategy for your objectives then plan, design and develop the right platform on which you can manage your campaign most effectively.

As we’ve just done for a specialist HGV Driver recruitment client who came to us with a fairly routine question – “Can you design an advert for me…?”

Looking specifically to recruit ex Forces personnel to his driver pool, we identified the potential for social media to reach his target audience more effectively than traditional advertising and developed a Facebook based campaign which has now delivered a very focused response with well over 240 active followers and a steady supply of experienced drivers which saved him the £1,000+ cost of the advert.

Every campaign we design is tailored to individual aims, focusing on quality of response rather than simply playing the numbers game. Our HGV client’s 240+ followers are exactly what he wanted. That is what effective marketing the R52 way is really all about.

In case you don’t remember the Petty ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign, don’t worry – we’re running it again this December!

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