Keep Your Domain Information Safe!


Your domain name is a crucial part of your business and marketing. It is one of the first things that you should purchase when you set up a business in order to have an online presence.

There are many websites where you can purchase a domain, including 123-reg, GoDaddy, 1 and 1 and Fast Hosts.

Upon purchasing your domain, you will go through a a registration process. Make sure the domain is registered to yourself; meaning you have complete access to it and make sure these details are kept safe. If the domain is being registered via a third party ensure that they use your details in the registration. Our advice is only to use a third party to register your domain if you really trust them! By doing this it will ensure that you have no problems in the future when accessing your domain.

We created this post as here at R52 we find that domain access is one area in which our clients have issues. Ensuring that you have complete control and access from the beginning will reduce headaches in the future. 🙂

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