Keep Your Website Up to Date

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So you have a new website, it looks great, but can and will you update it? Having a website that is easy to update yourself is a must when you’re looking to develop a new one. People like to see fresh content, something to keep them interested and a reason to visit again.

A stale website that has been the same for a number of months or years is not appealing to anyone. A news page which has not been updated for months is very off putting for potential new clients or customers. They may assume you’re no longer in business, which could lead them on to one of your competitors.

Blogs are a great way to keep your website fresh, but if you think you won’t have enough time to update it, it’s a better option to leave it out, rather than have out of date posts and news.

Twitter feed is a great way to show current content on your website – every time you tweet this can pull through to your site, with no extra work required.


Below are some more suggestions on ways you can keep your website up to date:

1. Add a Blog

2. General Images

3. General Content

4. Social Media Feed

5. Events

6. Testimonials / Reviews

7. Awards / Memberships


9. New Team Members

10. New Product / Service Information


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