Know Your Brand Colours

Virgin’s red is 485C, M&S’s black is CMYK Black 100% and McDonald’s Yellow is 1234C… Do you know what your brand colour is? 

To ensure that your brand is consistent throughout all of your marketing it is important that you know what your brand colours are and their references. 

Your brand colours are your identity and what distinguishes you from others, therefore it’s worthwhile to make a note of the colour references upon it’s creation.

Some companies will provide brand guidelines for you which detail this information. If you haven’t gone to the extent of producing guidelines its really worth while to ask your design agency what colours they have used and their references.



The 3 references that may be used are Pantone, CMYK and RGB:


Knowing your brand colours will ensure that your brand is consistent and will also make life a little easier when someone asks what they are! Have a brand but don’t know your colour reference? Give us a call.


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