The Last Password You Have to Remember

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Don’t have the headache of remembering your passwords! LastPass will remember them for you. It’s a great tool that anyone can use.

Every time we create an online account we are asked to create a password. Many of us use something easy to remember and often use the same password for every account we create, meaning our accounts can easily be hacked. Once you’ve signed up to LastPass – the password for this account is the only one you’ll need to remember! The rest is done for you…and it’s secure!

To sign up simply visit and select ‘Download Free’, follow any instructions as different browsers may vary.

Once you’re all downloaded, an icon will appear in your browser bar.
To add each of your accounts to LastPass you will need to login into them (so you will need to know each password, initially!). Once you’ve logged in, a pop up will show on your screen and ask if you’d like LastPass to remember this password. Click ‘Save Site’ and this will take you to another page to confirm, where notes can be added if needed. Click ‘Save’ and you’re done!

To find out any of your passwords, simply click the LastPass icon on your browser and select ‘My LastPass Vault’. You can then edit each entry and view the password.
Why not give it a try?!

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