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6 July 2022

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6 Important Social Media Developments in 2022

June was a busy month for Social Media updates, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some platforms underwent changes to their content monetisation methods, and others tested new features such as Instagram’s new AR elements within stories.

These updates are big news and will have a major impact on your Social Media Marketing strategies.

1. Meta allows users to donate stars to Facebook Reels Creators

Meta, which is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Metaverse’, has now created Facebook Stars, allowing viewers of user-created content such as Reels, live videos and VOD (video on demand) to donate Facebook Stars to their favourite content creators, which will create a monetary donation. Up until now, receiving star donations was only available to creators of gaming content, however, Meta has decided to open Facebook Stars up to other creators as an effort to increase monetisation opportunities on the platform.

The move from Meta makes sense, as Reels creators can now be rewarded for the content they create via Facebook Stars. Reels are the fastest-growing content format across all of Meta’s platforms, especially Instagram and gives creators the chance to earn money from both platforms with cross-posted content on both Instagram and Facebook.

All of these changes allow Meta to stay ahead of its competition, for example – TikTok. When it comes to the monetisation of short-form video content, TikTok is certainly trending, and its 1 billion+ active monthly users are constantly sharing video content. However, TikTok can’t offer the same level of monetisation opportunities and reach as Meta and its platforms. This was made clear when TikTok introduced TikTok tips as a way of rewarding content creators. Creators had to have and maintain 100,000 followers on the platform, meet age-specific criteria and adhere to TikTok’s application process, making it difficult to receive monetisation opportunities. 

2. Twitter launches new Shopify integration

It’s good news for eCommerce businesses as Twitter launches a brand new Shopify integration, allowing Twitter users to easily tap products on Twitter Shop pages and be directed to product pages on your Shopify website. It also allows businesses that use Shopify to display product carousels on their Twitter profiles, with products being updated and pulled through in real-time.

Another handy feature of this integration is that you can display up to 50 products from your Shopify website on the ‘shop’ section of your Twitter account, giving visitors to your profile a pretty good idea of what you sell and allowing them to buy with relative ease.

This new Shopify x Twitter integration comes as an addition to the Shop Spotlight which was launched last July and is a feature of Twitter Professional Accounts. Previously, Twitter business accounts were only open to a select few, but now all users can set one up and start promoting their business on Twitter.

Surprisingly, one thing that’s not available right now is the ability to tweet Shopify products or a link to your shop, yet it’s believed that this function is in the works!

3. Instagram testing new AR Elements and NFT features within stories

Instagram is currently testing new Augmented Reality features on its app, letting users display AR stickers, text, and 2D NFTs in the real-world space around them. Examples of this in action were shared by App Researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. 

This feature is hoped to drive engagement on digital/virtual items such as NFTs and other AR assets, something Meta is looking to do because of its Metaverse, in which virtual objects play a big part.

Coachella tested AR with the help of Spark AR as they created the ‘Coachellaverse’, providing fans with innovative, sensory-pushing experiences as a way of welcoming them to the festival after a two-year break during the pandemic. Millions of fans participated in the Coachella festival, with the AR effects alone generating more than 100,000 opens on Instagram — helping fans from Los Angeles and Rio, to Tokyo and London, find and experience their own slice of the Coachellaverse!

Although this will be a new feature for Instagram users, Snapchat did something similar a few years back with World Lenses, so it’s not exactly a groundbreaking addition to the platform, however, it will give creators and marketers more chances to get imaginative with their content.

4. LinkedIn adds the ability to comment and reply on events

As a means of driving further engagement beyond what has already been at a record high for LinkedIn over the past two years, they have now added a function allowing users to comment directly on event pages.

This new feature lets users post and reply to comments on event pages. It also lets the creators of the events themselves reply and start relevant conversations with the attendees, an especially useful feature for Social Media Managers and Social Media Agencies.

With over 24,000 events being set up on LinkedIn every week, it makes sense for LinkedIn to give both the attendees and creators of these events a way to talk about them and drive further engagement. There’s even an option to now ‘boost’ events and use them to create LinkedIn ads.

5. LinkedIn simplifies ‘Reposting’

The ‘repost’ option has been simplified, encouraging users to share and engage with other users’ content on the platform. 

A new ‘repost’ option will appear when you tap on the ‘share’ prompt, which will enable you to share without adding a comment (currently your only option). This will make it easier to amplify job opportunities and streamline app engagement. 

6. LinkedIn adds new ‘Funny’ reaction

LinkedIn is currently rolling out its new funny reaction option, a feature that, according to Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn Tomer Cohen, has been highly requested for quite some time!

According to LinkedIn, the funny reaction allows users to “Expresses that the post made you laugh, felt humorous, or offered light-hearted fun in a professional context”. This shift is to change LinkedIn so that it becomes more ‘human-like’ and less corporate. 

The feature is being slowly rolled out to users and is not available to everyone just yet, but we’re sure to see plenty of engagement and funny posts popping up on our feeds when it does.

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