How New EU Data Protection Laws Affect Your Customers


You probably receive plenty of emails that seem to be tailored to you, based on your purchases, sites you’ve visited, things you’ve watched. Maybe you send your own customers information about your products and services, based on the data you have about them.

But the way such information is used by businesses, like yours, is set to be affected by new legislation. We’ll explain briefly below what the rules involve and what they might mean to you and how you communicate with customers.

Personal customer data – and how it is collected and used – is more of a concern for consumers than ever, with worries about how it is used and shared. Issues around whether organisations secure explicit consent before doing this, or how long they retain information, are particularly prevalent. It’s understandable that people are keen to have clear boundaries around which aspects of their lives are public and which are kept private.

New EU laws address the desires of people to have a more secure legal framework to protect their rights and also their right to be forgotten.

What do the new EU laws cover?
Coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018, the EU rules will tackle the stopgap between expectations and reality regarding how information is used.

At Root Fifty Two, we’re already incorporating practices that comply with this new data protection legislation and put individual customer needs first.

All organisations that distribute marketing communications to customer lists will need to upgrade internal processes to improve their use of client consent. This includes clearly notifying customers of intentions to pass on data to Google Analytics and/or external marketing companies.

Another requirement of the new controls will be the elimination of ‘read the small print’ approaches to privacy policies traditionally favoured by companies. Any complicated legalese will have to be presented to recipients in a clearer and more digestible format.

It may sound like a major development in data use but really it’s more of a reshaping and repurposing of existing legislation to reflect modern practices.

What are the benefits of new data protection legislation?
By clarifying and consenting to a single directive throughout the EU, commercial co-operation will be made easier, not hindered. And if all companies are abiding by the same laws, they’ll also benefit from the same safeguards. One single supervisory body for monitoring the implementation of the legislation EU-wide will also help reduce bureaucracy in its enforcement.

At Root Fifty Two, we’re keen to help our clients understand data usage in a transparent and confident fashion. When we create and distribute marketing communications on behalf of a client, we’re working to ensure that consumers are engaged with correctly.

Individuals will be able to access various information on their personal data, including:

  • What records are retained, why and for how long
  • How it has been used or is intended to be used
  • What they want to be removed or deleted

If you’ve any questions about how your customer data is used, simply give us a call on 01282 685430.

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