Promoting Social Distancing

In light of the rapid spread of coronavirus, governments across several countries, including the UK, Spain, Italy and the US, are advising citizens to stay indoors, and to keep their distance from others when out and about for essential travel and necessities.

In these unprecedented times, many are struggling to adapt to a world that has changed so rapidly from being infinitely connected, to one which now sees the only communication between humans taking place through a screen.

In order to convey a shared message promoting social distancing and the #StayHome mantra, many of the world’s largest corporations have interpreted an element of “distancing” in a redesign of their logo… and so have we!

Whilst many are self-isolating, postponing direct contact with friends and family, and with many social spaces now closed, the world can seem a lonely place. But, whilst the logo redesigns of brands such as McDonald’s, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Mastercard ultimately promote the vital actions we must take to distance ourselves and stop the spread, the fact that these hugely recognisable logos have been adapted in the first place is a positive comment on global solidarity.

The message shared by many is that by working together and taking these necessary, if difficult, actions, we will come through this troublesome time.

The R52 team believes in this message too, which is why our redesigned logo now stands with the others – 6ft apart, of course!


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