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Peter Lawson

Junior Web Developer

With his love of coding and a strong practical expertise, Peter’s key role will be within our ever expanding web development activities, and his involvement in social network development is also certain to enhance our integrated online marketing projects.

Likes: Midcentury interior design, record collecting, Whippets

Dislikes: Pop music, mushrooms, rain

Sam Sharples

Web Developer

Nerd and coder at heart and lead developer at R52. Sam likes to spend his time coding up user interfaces and creating beautiful designs for an awesome web experience.

Likes: Coffee, chillies, Strongbow, Game of Thrones

Dislikes: Loud eaters, cold feet, slugs

Annmarie Whatmough

Digital Account Manager

With over ten years’ experience within the digital sector. Annmarie has a real passion for ‘joining the dots’ of creative business development and digital strategies for businesses of all types.

Likes: All things pretty, weddings and spa days!

Dislikes: Winter, creepy crawlies and celery

Kimberley Thompson

Owner & Graphic Designer

The heart & soul of R52 with a passion for great design, her own distinctive design style and a unique approach, Kimberley is also the face of R52 and your first point of contact.

Likes: Crisps & dips, her hot water bottle, Harvey her cat, cooking…when she has time!

Dislikes: Waiting in traffic, ironing

Lindsay Hore

Graphic & Web Designer

With her love of design and typography, Lindsay brings real variety to the R52 team. A talented, experienced graphic and website designer with an expertise in designing email marketing campaigns.

Likes: Ant & Dec, chocolate, cereal, typography

Dislikes: Birds, cats, snow, being cold

Paul Savage


Vastly experienced writing for clients across a wide range of business sectors. Gets inside your business to learn, understand and project your business to greatest effect.

Likes: A drop of malt, chocolate, real music, reading

Dislikes: Ant & Dec, premiership football, Sunday drivers, broccoli