Thank You, NHS!

NHS staff work extremely hard all year round, but their dedication to keeping people safe during the COVID-19 outbreak is especially admirable, so we wanted to show our appreciation!

At Root Fifty Two, we’re in awe of the incredible levels of selflessness and compassion being shown by our key workers. Shop assistants, nurses, doctors, policemen and women, fire fighters, care workers and teachers are all putting their health, and in many cases their lives, at risk every day in an effort to combat the virus and protect the people in their communities.

We’ve all been taking part in the weekly nationwide applause from our doorsteps to show our support for #ClapForNHS, #ClapForOurCarers and #ClapForOurKeyworkers, and this week we all decided to gather some of the items currently in high demand within hospitals across East Lancashire and create a ‘hamper’ (of sorts) to donate.

After collecting boxes of donations from each member of staff (from a safe distance, of course!), Managing Director Kimberley will be delivering our NHS donation this week.

‘We’ve all been in complete admiration of the incredible sacrifices the wonderful staff of our NHS have been making to tackle the virus, and we thought it only right that we each do our bit to help,’ said Kimberley.

‘We’re a relatively small team really, so I was quite surprised to see the haul of goodies we’d each managed to get together – I barely fit it all in my kitchen! The team have always been 100% committed to their work, even throughout this particularly difficult and uncertain time. I suppose this goes to show what can happen when a team continues to work together!’

Do you have some items to donate? The East Lancashire Health Trust is currently accepting donations from businesses, and you can find a list of items they’re in need of here. The Trust isn’t currently able to accept donations from individuals, as members of the community are urged to stay at home unless travel is absolutely essential. However, if you’re keen to help, the Trust welcomes the donation of purchases from their Amazon wishlist, or monetary donations – both of which can be made online.

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