That Feminine Touch

rem logo brand

One of the things that we really love about life at R52 is the tremendous variety of work that drops onto the desk, which is usually accompanied by as many different requests for what clients want us to bring to their projects.

New client REM of Nelson certainly gave us food for thought when they asked us to produce a new brand for one of their business divisions.
REM specialise in design and manufacture of high quality equipment for the salon, spa and beauty industry, everything from barber’s chairs to reception desks and treatment tables, with the business broken down into several key divisions, each focusing on a specific area of activity; REM Men for example, is the brand for barber’s chairs and units.

Against this background, the company approached us to produce a new brand for their REM Spa division, specialising in producing equipment for the luxury spa business. They saw that our portfolio of work suited their requirements, but also had that extra little advantage – the feminine touch!

They felt that the original brand image was just a bit too masculine and needed some softening around the edges to better reflect the target sector, and with the R52 reputation for great design and our influential female base, asking us to do the job seemed like the logical thing to do.

It probably helps that we’re not strangers to the Spa experience either, so have a natural feel for the job!

The client thinks their logical approach has produced exactly what they wanted and we’re now working with them on a variety of print media jobs, using their new brand. We produced 4 logo ideas and developed the favourite until REM were happy with it.

We’re certainly looking forward to working long term with REM on their future creative requirements!

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