The Finishing Touches


Drop into the R52 office for a meeting and you’ll be invited to take a seat in our new office furniture, specially ordered in R52 colours; you can make your notes with an R52 pen in one of our branded notepads; and we’ll serve you tea or coffee in an R52 mug.

Everything about the office tells you where you are and who you are with. It’s even possible that, like Blackpool rock, if you cut us in half (perish the thought!) you’ll find the R52 name running right through us!

And it’s all in the interests of brand consistency.

There’s no doubt that R52 looks a very different business to that which announced itself to the world back in 2008, but it’s been something of an evolution rather than a revolution which has seen us develop into today’s full service creative business.

Our values are the same; our way of working hasn’t changed; our business personality and identity are still just as important to us as to our clients. So we have resisted the temptation to reinvent the brand image at each new stage of development and allowed the R52 brand to evolve with the business.

The brand has ‘grown up’, but still has the same visual recognition as it had originally; logo, colour, impact all remain essentially the same as they’ve always been, but we believe our brand now shows a strength and confidence which reflects where we are today whilst projecting the values which have made us what we are.

And we’ve ensured that our brand image is presented in the same way throughout all of our communications channels, right down to the R52 promotional pens you use and mugs in which we serve your brew.

These little finishing touches are a simple but very effective addition to our brand consistency! As you’ll discover next time you visit the R52 office!

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